Our purpose is to create, curate, and narrate ideas that raise the game for Africa-focused business leaders, written and expounded clearly enough to provide the basis for thoughtful action and meaningful insight. Afridigest is an emerging business media brand with an editorial focus on ideas & analysis for business innovators across Africa and beyond.

Written for, by, and about progressive business thinkers in Africa & the African diaspora, Afridigest equips readers to get smarter about business & innovation in Africa and inspires them to think beyond traditional boundaries to create the future of business.

Afridigest was launched on two premises:

  • Ongoing revolutions (mobile, digital, internet, demographic, and cultural) the continent is experiencing are changing business in Africa, and leading business innovators are taking advantage.
  • In addition, while there is no shortage of Africa-focused business media & reportage, publications that consistently churn up meaningful ideas and insights for business practitioners in Africa are hard to find.

Our goal is to bring important Africa-focused ideas, analysis, and insights that lie at the intersection of business & innovation to the forefront in an easily digestible manner, chronicling how African enterprises create and compete, highlighting the contexts in which they operate, and showcasing firms, teams, and individuals who are inventing the future and reinventing business in Africa. Through a mix of original, in-depth analysis and concise, shareable content, we help smart readers get smarter.

Join us. Get smarter about the future of business & innovation in Africa.

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Afridigest is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and published by Africreate.