Spotlight: Opinion

Lessons I’ve learned about identity verification in Africa

The CEO of Africa's leading digital KYC and identity verification platform shares lessons learned after conducting 75 million ID checks across the continent.

July 2023

CFO automation: An unsexy but lucrative corner of African fintech

Sometimes, the driest-sounding businesses are the most promising. And leveraging technology to streamline finance operations of African businesses is one of those gems.

July 2023

Platforms are the future of Africa’s mobile money agents

Agent networks play a critical role in bringing financial services to underserved populations across Africa. But the industry is shifting towards 'agent-networks-as-a-service' offered by larger players.

July 2023

African Startups Disrupt Nothing

They might wear the disguise of "disruption," but often there simply isn't anything to "disrupt."

September 2022

Funding Africa: Private Equity Needs A New Approach

Private equity and venture capital funds remain Africa’s best hope for economic growth, but investors need to adapt their approach to local markets.

July 2017

Zimbabwe (& Africa) Should Collaborate Like Silicon Valley

Collaboration and interpersonal networks create value in Silicon Valley's ecosystem. Read this Zimbabwe-based author's perspective which explores what should be done to strengthen such networks within Africa.

July 2017