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Jumia’s road to recovery: A CEO’s bold moves to stop the company’s bleeding

Under new leadership, Jumia has taken aggressive steps to reign in spending and cut cash burn.

February 2024

Where are all the jobs in Africa?

Africa is experiencing a crisis of missing jobs. Over the next decade, 'jobtech' platforms will play an increasingly important role in addressing it.

February 2024

Lessons I’ve learned from buying a company in Mexico

The CEO of a Ugandan mobility-focused asset financing platform shares lessons learned from acquiring the Mexican subsidiary of South Africa's FlexClub.

December 2023

What South Africa and Nigeria reveal about the future of payments in Africa

Recent developments in South Africa and Nigeria, the largest economies on the continent, point to the increasing importance of alternative payment methods across Africa.

October 2023

Generative AI in Africa: How African startups are building for the new AI revolution

Africa-focused innovators should pay more attention to the ongoing AI revolution. Here are five generative AI pioneers making sure Africa participates in the emerging AI economy.

October 2023

Lessons I’ve learned about identity verification in Africa

The CEO of Africa's leading digital KYC and identity verification platform shares lessons learned after conducting 75 million ID checks across the continent.

July 2023