Spotlight: In Depth

Longer reads that provide a more detailed exploration of a subject.

The untold story of Africa’s newest unicorn, MNT-Halan

Studying the origins and evolution of Egypt’s MNT-Halan reveals important lessons for builders in Africa and beyond.

February 2023

Africa’s lucrative spare parts opportunity

Rising vehicle ownership, poor road quality, and a variety of other catalysts have created a significant opportunity to digitize Africa's vehicle servicing & support sector.

September 2022

Why super apps are proliferating across emerging markets

A new generation of Asian & African super apps are following the playbook WeChat originated.

May 2020

Driven by the Internet, African Fashion Goes Global

Global interest in African fashion continues to rise, and innovators are leveraging the internet's reach to execute a variety of business models.

August 2017

Innovators are Shaping Africa’s ‘Informal Economy’

Entrepreneurs & investors thrive by serving the needs of Africa's informal sector and the opportunity remains large.

August 2017

On Africa’s Fragmented Markets: Innovators Can Win By Developing Platforms

Africa's fragmented markets are problematic for consumers and producers but present opportunities for savvy innovators to create & capture value using platform business models.

July 2017