Spotlight: Q&A

The hero of home services: A conversation with Eden Life’s Nadayar Enegesi

Eden Life, a Nigerian home services platform is improving quality of life for African consumers. Watch our conversation with Eden Life's CEO on launching the company, scaling it, and what comes next.

April 2023

Save now, buy later: an emerging fintech model

SNBL is an emerging business model across Africa and other markets. This post includes a brief interview with one of the practitioners in Africa’s SNBL space: Tobi Odukoya, CEO & Co-Founder of CDcare.

March 2023

Kippa’s Duke Ekezie-Joseph on digitizing Africa’s MSME sector

The President & Co-Founder of Nigerian fintech platform Kippa shares thoughts on Africa's MSME sector, the company's business model, key opportunities & risks ahead, and the impact of the market downturn on African startups.

October 2022