How Nigerian startups are digitizing payments in the country’s trickiest verticals

A look at three startups digitizing payments in sectors where Nigerians struggle to go cashless.

March 2024

Jumia’s road to recovery: A CEO’s bold moves to stop the company’s bleeding

Under new leadership, Jumia has taken aggressive steps to reign in spending and cut cash burn.

February 2024

Africa’s hidden unicorns: Telco mobile money subsidiaries

While Flutterwave & other well-known unicorns across Africa might get a lot of attention, the continent is home to several 'unicorns in hiding' that shouldn't be ignored.

February 2024

Where are all the jobs in Africa?

Africa is experiencing a crisis of missing jobs. Over the next decade, 'jobtech' platforms will play an increasingly important role in addressing it.

February 2024

Africa’s digital opportunity isn’t evenly distributed

Why the NEKS countries — Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa — dominate venture capital funding in Africa today.

January 2024

Visa, Mastercard, and the fight for the future of fintech in Africa

Africa is proving to be an important battleground for the global payments duopoly. Here's what they're up to across the continent.

January 2024