Five obstacles to MSME financial inclusion in Nigeria

Nigeria's 40 million MSMEs are the engine of employment in the country and a key contributor to GDP. Ensuring inclusive access to finance for them is critical.

/ October 2022

Offline agent networks are driving Africa’s digital development

Agent networks across Africa are increasingly being used beyond mobile money as a last-mile channel for various traditionally digital businesses.

/ September 2022

Africa’s lucrative spare parts opportunity

Rising vehicle ownership, poor road quality, and a variety of other catalysts have created a significant opportunity to digitize Africa's vehicle servicing & support sector.

/ September 2022

African businesses can win by creating magic moments

Firms across Africa have a tremendous opportunity to differentiate themselves & drive business results by competing on customer experience leadership.

/ September 2022

The most exciting applications of cryptocurrencies & blockchain in the African context

Our community of experienced practitioners and subject-matter experts discuss cryptocurrency & blockchain in Africa.

/ September 2022

Ten Lessons I Learned Building in African Markets Over The Last Decade

Earned insights on scaling innovation-led businesses across the continent.

/ September 2022
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