Articles by Emeka Ajene

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Emeka is the Founder & Publisher of Afridigest and leads Africreate, a strategic advisory firm that helps global senior executives, corporates, and investors take advantage of opportunities in African markets. He also connects global capital to promising Africa Tech investment opportunities via investment firm Africapital. Follow him on Linkedin and Twitter.

Ten Lessons I Learned Building in African Markets Over The Last Decade

Earned insights on scaling innovation-led businesses across the continent.

September 2022

Why fintech in Africa is attractive to investors & innovators

Here are three reasons why fintech leads all venture capital funding on the continent.

September 2022

To scale in African markets today, startups need to run hybrid strategies

Despite all the attention Africa's digital revolution receives, the reality is that this digitization is driven in large part by the analog world of atoms and bits. Entrepreneurs should embrace this.

September 2022

Offline agent networks are driving Africa’s digital development

Agent networks across Africa are increasingly being used beyond mobile money as a last-mile channel for various traditionally digital businesses.

August 2021

How Africa’s super app landscape is evolving

Super apps are trending across the African continent; here's a primer on who, what, where, and why.

July 2021

The hierarchy of venture opportunities in emerging markets

Extending Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation to ecosystems & markets provides unique insights for entrepreneurs & investors across Africa & elsewhere.

May 2020