Spotlight: Strategy

Ideas that shed light on how innovators stay ahead of the competition.

How (African) startups should think about growth

Ansoff's matrix is a powerful but underutilized growth strategy tool, especially for startups across African markets.

December 2022

The king’s ransom waiting for African businesses that create magic moments

Firms across Africa have a tremendous opportunity to differentiate themselves & drive business results by competing on customer experience leadership.

September 2022

To scale in African markets today, startups need to run hybrid strategies

Despite all the attention Africa's digital revolution receives, the reality is that this digitization is driven in large part by the analog world of atoms and bits. Entrepreneurs should embrace this.

September 2022

The hierarchy of venture opportunities in emerging markets

Extending Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation to ecosystems & markets provides unique insights for entrepreneurs & investors across Africa & elsewhere.

May 2020

On Africa’s Fragmented Markets: Innovators Can Win By Developing Platforms

Africa's fragmented markets are problematic for consumers and producers but present opportunities for savvy innovators to create & capture value using platform business models.

July 2017
Lagos, Nigeria - Rich, Poor Divide

Should African Entrepreneurs Target the Few Affluent or the Many Low-Income Consumers?

Afridigest's Editorial Board briefly explores a Harvard Business Review article that suggests the road to success in Africa involves targeting affluent consumers.

July 2017