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Context for commerce on the continent.

The complete list of African unicorns today

Africa's unicorn list is small but growing. Here's an overview of the seven unicorns in the African tech ecosystem today.

February 2023
27 founders that raised over $1 million in Francophone Africa in 2022

27 founders that raised over $1 million in Francophone Africa in 2022

While conventional startup & VC wisdom across Africa and elsewhere is to chase huge markets above all else, the reality is that focusing on dominating ‘niche’ markets is a savvy way to avoid competition and achieve efficient growth, not just...

February 2023

Five obstacles to MSME financial inclusion in Nigeria

Nigeria's 40 million MSMEs are the engine of employment in the country and a key contributor to GDP. Ensuring inclusive access to finance for them is critical.

October 2022

Africa’s lucrative spare parts opportunity

Rising vehicle ownership, poor road quality, and a variety of other catalysts have created a significant opportunity to digitize Africa's vehicle servicing & support sector.

September 2022

Offline agent networks are driving Africa’s digital development

Agent networks across Africa are increasingly being used beyond mobile money as a last-mile channel for various traditionally digital businesses.

August 2021

Why super apps are proliferating across emerging markets

A new generation of Asian & African super apps are following the playbook WeChat originated.

May 2020