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Offline agent networks are driving Africa’s digital development

Agent networks across Africa are increasingly being used beyond mobile money as a last-mile channel for various traditionally digital businesses.

August 2021

How Africa’s super app landscape is evolving

Super apps are trending across the African continent; here's a primer on who, what, where, and why.

July 2021

The hierarchy of venture opportunities in emerging markets

Extending Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation to ecosystems & markets provides unique insights for entrepreneurs & investors across Africa & elsewhere.

May 2020

Why super apps are proliferating across emerging markets

A new generation of Asian & African super apps are following the playbook WeChat originated.

May 2020

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Advance Across Africa

With strong interest in the sector from consumers & investors, robust entrepreneurial activity, and a range of conducive factors, Africa appears to be a ripe market in the medium- and long-term.

January 2018

Driven by the Internet, African Fashion Goes Global

Global interest in African fashion continues to rise, and innovators are leveraging the internet's reach to execute a variety of business models.

August 2017