Save now, buy later: an emerging fintech model

SNBL is an emerging business model across Africa and other markets. This post includes a brief interview with one of the practitioners in Africa’s SNBL space: Tobi Odukoya, CEO & Co-Founder of CDcare.

March 2023

The challenges women leaders face in Africa’s tech ecosystem

An expert panel of founder/CEOs provides insight, commentary, & analysis on the challenges women leaders face across Africa's tech ecosystem & opportunities that may be overlooked.

March 2023

27 women founder-CEOs that have raised over $3 million in Africa

Meet twenty-seven women who have raised $3 million or more in VC funding and are both CEOs and founders of tech startups across Africa's tech ecosystem.

March 2023
Clever Credit Afridigest

Clever credit: How African startups are using data & distribution to de-risk lending

Africa-focused innovators can learn from the examples of three Nigerian companies that leverage unique data and distribution strategies to lend intelligently.

March 2023

The untold story of Africa’s newest unicorn, MNT-Halan

Studying the origins and evolution of Egypt’s MNT-Halan reveals important lessons for builders in Africa and beyond.

February 2023