The rise of earned wage access across Africa, explained by leading founders

An expert panel of founders provides insight, commentary, & analysis on the rise of earned wage access across Africa in this Afridigest Thought Circle.

December 2022

How (African) startups should think about growth

Ansoff's matrix is a powerful but underutilized growth strategy tool, especially for startups across African markets.

December 2022

The hierarchy of venture opportunities in emerging markets

Extending Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation to ecosystems & markets provides unique insights for entrepreneurs & investors across Africa & elsewhere.

December 2022

The rise of earned wage access across developed & emerging markets

EWA, a new frontier of fintech at the intersection of payroll and the on-demand economy, is spreading across the West and emerging markets in Asia & Africa. Here's a primer.

November 2022

Kippa’s Duke Ekezie-Joseph on digitizing Africa’s MSME sector

The President & Co-Founder of Nigerian fintech platform Kippa shares thoughts on Africa's MSME sector, the company's business model, key opportunities & risks ahead, and the impact of the market downturn on African startups.

October 2022

Five obstacles to MSME financial inclusion in Nigeria

Nigeria's 40 million MSMEs are the engine of employment in the country and a key contributor to GDP. Ensuring inclusive access to finance for them is critical.

October 2022